The Rotary Club of Carson City, along with the Cap City Passport Rotary Club, sponsored the Student Speech Contest on March 7, 2023.  This is an annual Rotary event which allows local high school students to demonstrate their public speaking abilities. The topic assigned by Rotary this year was "How have you imagined working together to better the lives of others, and how did you implement your idea?" 
   The first place winner was Penelope Truell who is home schooled and participates in one class at Carson High School.  After receiving her award, Ms. Truell stated "The ability to diplomatically communicate allows us to have better opportunities within our everyday lives, and build a better future for generations to come."
  Ms. Truell will represent the Rotary Club of Carson City at the Rotary Area 9 Speech contest.  The winner of that contest will compete at the Rotary District 5190 Speech Contest in April.