After twenty one hours of travel from his home town in Japan, Rotary Youth Exchange Student, Reon, is welcomed by members of the Rotary Club of Carson City.  Reon will spend 11 months in Carson City.  To receive such a student, the club also sponsored an outbound student.  This year that honor went to a young lady from Carson City who will spend 11 months in the Czech Republic.
   For more than 48 years, Rotary Youth Exchange has been one of Rotary‚Äôs best-known programs. As an official program, it dates to 1975, but by that time, Rotary clubs had already been sending students abroad for decades with the aim of promoting international understanding and friendship.
   What the program offers to, and asks of, participants is an openness to new ideas and experiences, a willingness to adapt and to gain new perspectives, and an opportunity to make new friends and learn new ways of living.  It is a life changing experience for these lucky adolescents. 
   If you would like to host an inbound student for three months, or if you know of a high school student who wants to spend 11 months in another country, contact us at .