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Rotary News
   For the second time in a couple months, The Rotary Club of Carson City has donated large trees to beautify our city.   
   In April 2023, the Club donated 26 large trees that were planted in a new section of Lone Mountain Cemetery. 
   In May 2023, the Club donated another 26 large trees to a developing project in Carson City.  Friends In Service Helping is building a student housing complex on North Carson Street.  When completed, this complex will provide a supportive living environment for individuals to advance from minimum wage employment to a meaningful career. 
   Twelve trees were planted along the south side of this complex.  The other fourteen trees will be planted as the construction progresses.       The members of the Rotary Club of Carson City connected the trees to automated drip system on May 27, 2023.
The Rotary Club of Carson City held its second annual picnic at Genoa park on May 27, 2023.  The weather was perfect.  The barbecue duties were professionally handled by Paul Esswein and Jim Gray.  The other members brought a smorgasbord of side dishes and desserts.  We were treated to a history presentation by a Docent of the Genoa Museum.  We also toured the Genoa Museum and Mormon Station. Adults, children, and pets had a great time.  The picnic was adeptly organized by Peter "Snowshoe" Thompson. 
 The Rotary Club of Carson City, and Cap City Passport Rotary Club teamed up with  Carson City Parks and Recreation staff on a Lone Mountain Cemetery beautification project.  The Rotary clubs purchased twenty six large trees which were planted in a new, developing section of the cemetery.  The trees were planted in time for Arbor Day 2023.  This area in the northeastern section of the cemetery has a new drip system to nourish the new trees.   Curbing, sprinklers, and grass will be added over time.  
The Sutro Tunnel is an engineering marvel that was initiated by Adolph Sutro.  His plan was to create a near horizontal tunnel to reach the vertical mine shafts of the Virginia City Comstock.  This tunnel would drain water from the shafts, and infuse clean air for the Miners.  Construction started in 1869 and reached the first mine shaft in 1878.  The tunnel and the surrounding structures are being preserved by The Friends of Sutro Tunnel, a non-profit organization.  On April 8, 2023, with much effort, members of The Rotary Club of Carson City volunteered to help restore some of the buildings to original condition.  Jackhammers, crowbars, knives, drills, hammers, and chisels were used to remove a non-original brick and concrete floor from the Carriage House.  Plaster board walls and insulation were also removed.  In addition, soiled carpet, insulation, cabinets, and drapes were removed from a large residence. Over 3.6 tons of material were removed from the structures !
   The Rotary Club of Carson City, along with the Cap City Passport Rotary Club, sponsored the Student Speech Contest on March 7, 2023.  This is an annual Rotary event which allows local high school students to demonstrate their public speaking abilities. The topic assigned by Rotary this year was "How have you imagined working together to better the lives of others, and how did you implement your idea?" 
   The first place winner was Penelope Truell who is home schooled and participates in one class at Carson High School.  After receiving her award, Ms. Truell stated "The ability to diplomatically communicate allows us to have better opportunities within our everyday lives, and build a better future for generations to come."
  Ms. Truell will represent the Rotary Club of Carson City at the Rotary Area 9 Speech contest.  The winner of that contest will compete at the Rotary District 5190 Speech Contest in April. 
  Each month during the school year, the Rotary Club of Carson City honors a teacher with a plaque and a check. The deserving teacher is selected by virtue of the value they bring to their school and to their students.  The difficult decision is made by the Principal of their school. This month we honored Fremont Elementary Teacher, Laura Gentine, who received her awards at the Rotary luncheon.  
  Also during the school year, a Student of the week is selected by their teachers.  The student is selected on the basis of academic achievement and extracurricular endeavors.  The student is also treated to lunch and receives a check from the Rotary club.  The honor this week went to Pioneer Academy student, Madelyn Peachay.
Members of the Rotary Club of Carson City made the holiday season much brighter for twenty senior citizens this December.  The Rotarians coordinated with Carson City's Senior Service Network to select twenty deserving seniors to recieve gifts.  The Rotarians contacted the seniors to determine the appropriate gifts that would brighten their lives.  The Rotary Club funded the purchases with $100 per senior citizen. After shopping for the desired gifts, the Rotarians delivered the presents to the twenty senior citizens.  
   Each  year the Rotary Club of Carson City awards a grant to a local school.  This is a competitive process whereby teachers from local schools present a project that they want to pursue in their school. Past winners included schools that wanted to fund their robotics programs, their hydroponics program, etc.  Every year the Education Grant Committee of the Rotary Club of Carson City reviews the proposals and, with great difficulty, chooses a winner.  
   The winning project this year was submitted by Empire Elementary School teachers, Laura Ricks and Nancy Cole.  The grant this year was $5,000.  It will be used to enhance the school's Lending Library with Mathematics Learning Materials.  These books will be utilized by the teachers to increase math proficiency in students for years to come.  Members of the Rotary club surprised Ms. Nancy Cole in her classroom with the award.  
Peter Thompson, Joe Walls, Nancy Cole, Peter Fishburn, Principal Shelby Tuttle, School Superintendent A.J. Fueling
The Rotary Club of Carson City contributed to the purchase of a Greenhouse for Pioneer High School.  Over the period of a couple days members of the Rotary club contoured panels, climbed scaffolding, and assembled the greenhouse.  The greenhouse will now be used by Pioneer High School in agricultural endeavors for years to come.  

Rich Perry, Gary Collins, Jon Ruiter, and Joe Walls after assembly of the Pioneer High School Greenhouse
Rotary Youth Exchange is a program that allows local teenagers to spend a year in a foreign country.  In exchange, teenagers from around the world come to spend a year in the United States.  It is a life changing experience for each of these students. The Rotary Club of Carson City and other Rotary clubs arrange for housing, education, and sponsor these lucky students.  Over Nevada Day weekend these guests from around the world, are invited to gather in Carson City under the supervision of the Rotary Club of Carson City.  This year twelve students joined us for the weekend.  This year's teens were from Sweden, Denmark, Taiwan, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Austria, Brazil, Spain, and Germany.   They visited Carson City and Virginia City. They joined local Rotarians marching in the Nevada Day parade. The teenagers made new friends and wonderful memories. As a result of the Rotary Youth Exchange program students learn leadership skills, become global citizens, and often learn a new language.    Learn more at
Fifteen members  of the Rotary Club of Carson City plus family gathered at Lone Mountain Cemetery on October 8, 2022 to help city officials in this beautification project.  Chores included hoeing, raking, pulling and transporting weeds from multiple areas of the graveyard.  Each Rotarian put in a few hours of hard work on this warm and sunny October morning. Another great service project.  
Approximately 30 members of our club visited the Basalite Company in northeast Carson City on October 4, 2022.  After enjoying a box lunch supplied by our caterer, Heather Beaupro, our group split into three groups. We donned protective gear and joined a member of the Basalite team to tour the facilities.  The informative afternoon demonstrated the techniques used to make pavers, cement, and various decorative landscaping blocks.  Basalite is a family owned company with operating plants in nine States and Canada.  
   Admiral Bruce Gillingham was the guest speaker at the Rotary Club of Carson City noon meeting on September 27, 2022. 
   The Admiral is an Orthopedic Surgeon and is the Surgeon General of the Navy. 
   He was in Carson City for Navy Week and accepted an invitation to join us for lunch. 
      The two star Admiral honored Carson City Rotary member Belmont Reid who served as a Navy pilot on the USS Princeton and USS Yorktown in the Formosa Straights during the Korean War. 
   Admiral Gillingham served on the USNS Mercy as Director of Surgical Services, was deployed as Battalion Chief during Operation Iraqi Freedom II, and was Officer in charge of the Surgical Shock Trauma Platoon during Operation Phantom Fury.
   The Admiral's informative presentation explained the mission of the US Navy, and provided examples of the ways the Navy is on constant alert around the world. 
The Rotary Club of Carson City works to keep Electronic Waste and Batteries out of the landfill.
The Rotary Club of Carson City teamed up with Carson City's own Computer Corps and Redwood Materials Inc. to collect electronic waste and batteries.  
On September 24, 2022 members of the Rotary Club of Carson City and Computer Corps collected multiple pallets of used phones, tablets, laptop computers, desktop computers, microwaves, electric toothbrushes, printers, wires, and various types of batteries. 
These items will be disassembled, reassembled, refurbished, and recycled.  This project keeps these items out of the landfill, and gives new life to many of the items. Components such as lithium, cobalt, nickel, and copper will be recovered to remanufacture materials for new batteries. 
This year's Capital City Brewfest attracted over 1000 attendees to downtown Caron City to support the Rotary Club, taste the latest craft brews, and enjoy live music from Moxy Ruckus. We would like to thank the public for joining us, the craft brewers for sharing their latest crafts with us, The Fox Brewpub for co-sponsoring the event, The Carson City Parks and Recreation for their assistance, and the food vendors for serving up delicious eats.
The Rotary Club of Carson City celebrated young musicians again this week when it hosted the Area’s 2nd round of its annual Music Competition. Playing the clarinet, Carson High School student Kyra Fields took home the top honor with her performance of Mozart’s Third Movement of Concerto for Clarinet.
With her calm delivery and just seconds to spare, Carson High School Senior Jessica Knutson won the Rotary Club of Carson City’s Speech Contest this week.  Area high school students were invited to compete in the annual event to help them hone their public speaking skills and win cash prizes.
Club of Carson City hosted its annual Student Music Competition this week. The club holds the contest to encourage young musicians to continue their musical pursuits. “We do this to give talented High School age students a chance to perform, and reward them for their dedication to music,” said Rotarian and President-Elect Joe Walls.
The Rotary
The Rotary Club of Carson helped charter and assists Boy Scout Troop 33, recently providing funding to start a new Girls Boy Scout Troop formed in 2021.  Rotarian John Copoulos is the charter representative from Carson Rotary. 
The Rotary Club of Carson City completed its Air Purifier project over the Thanksgiving Holiday. The project provided teachers and other Carson City School District employees with a state-of-the-art air purifier to use in the classroom or at home.
The final purifiers were recently given to new teachers and employees since the program started.
Current Rotary Club of Carson City President Rich Perry says the project supports the mission of Rotary. “Carson Rotary is a long-time supporter of education in our community, and these room air purifiers are a way of expressing the Club’s appreciation to the faculty and staff for their efforts during the past year.”
The distribution began in the fall of 2020 with club members delivering the purifiers to each school in the district. They were purchased with money an anonymous donor transferred to the Carson City Rotary Club’s local Foundation as well as club member donations.

Carson Rotarians enjoyed a work day to collect turkeys, packaged goods and pet food to assist Friends in Service Helping (FISH) and Pets for the Homeless on Saturday, November 13th.  Over 20 turkeys and hundreds of food items and pet food were donated by the Community.  Thanks to all who stopped by to donate!
Carson Rotary had their first annual Family and Friends picnic at the Pavilion in Washoe Lake State Park on Sunday, September 19th.
It was a beautiful crisp Fall day with blue skies!  President Rich and past-president Jim Gray bbq'ed hamburgers and hot dogs and members brought a pot-luck dish to share.
Those who attended had a great time and expressed the desire to continue the picnic again next year. 
A new mural now welcomes visitors to Downtown Carson City. The artwork was recently installed on the Visit Carson City building at the corner of Washington and Carson Streets. Primarily funded by the Rotary Club of Carson City and District 5190’s matching District Grant, the project is the result of a collaboration between the club, Carson City, Visit Carson City (the City’s tourism authority), Carson City Arts and Cultural Commission, and the Kaplan Family Trust.


We engage the New Generation to lift up our community through service, networking and friendship, by recognizing student leaders and supporting those who choose our organization to achieve their own philanthropic goals.
We provide opportunities for like-minded people to improve our communities through the Rotary platform.
Our Rotary 4-Way Test - 1. Is it the truth? 2. Is it fair to all concerned? 3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships? 4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned? 
Donating our time, money and/or expertise for the welfare and betterment of our local community and our neighbors, here and abroad
Forming decade-long bonds with our fellow Rotarians in service and in commitments to education, leadership and our children's success
We enjoy a good laugh and the company of our fellow club members, including those who have recently joined and participate in our projects
Why Rotary?
Carson Cancer Center Labyrinth
Carson Tahoe Health & Carson Rotary Celebrate Labyrinth Anniversary & Community Partnership
(Carson City, Nev.) November 6, 2019 – Today marks 13 years since the opening of the outdoor Labyrinth located at the Carson Tahoe Cancer Center. The unique space was made possible through a generous donation from the Rotary Club of Carson City. In 2006, under the leadership of past president Rafael Cappucci, the Rotary Club contributed $75,000 to build the Labyrinth, and gave another $200,000 in support of the Cancer Center project over a four-year period.


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